can somebody tell me how to do this? ("dangling" tied note?)

I’d like to insert a tie in brackets prior to the first bass drum quarter note; and then a tie leading “nowhere” from the last bass note quarter note in the 2nd bar. How do I do this?:
Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 12.56.38 PM.png
I’m sure this info is somewhere but can’t find it and on a deadline.
Much thanks in advance!

  • D.D.

A tie leading “nowhere” : isn’t this a l.v. tie ? You’ll find it in the properties panel (bottom one).
Not sure the tie between brackets is already available…

Thanks! Maybe for the brackets the working way right now is using staff text?
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Yes, I don’t think there’s any other reasonable way to put a tie in parentheses.

I have used ties at the end of a flow for notes that needs to be connected to the next flow, using indeed the v.l. tie in the properties panel, and then adjusted the lengths and position in Engrave mode:

You could use some of the Smufl glyphs (or even regular text brackets) and paste the brackets in using text events. There are a considerable variety to choose from from the site. I do wonder whay, IMOHO that there is no need to have a kick drum on the first beat of the following bar at all. Kick drums are non resonating (and do not have the ability to ring on (like a timpani) or to be choked-like a cymbal). It may be that your ‘house style’ requires it to be there and if so, please refer to the advise of others (Marc is always very helpful) and maybe my solution would prove a work around as well.

Good luck