Can somebody test the following on Cubase SL 3 or Cubase 5

Can somebody try the following? I´m not sure it is a bug, or it is a local problem on my configuration. When I do the following procedure, my cubase SL 3 (latest update) will freeze on my windows XP:

  1. create a new empty project
  2. set a loop cycle: from start point 1 to end point 4.
  3. activate cycle modus
  4. click play to start the cycle loop
  5. let the loop play and cycle a few times
  6. Now, while the cycle loop is being played, set a new start point somewhere after the playing loop(after end point 4), and hold the mouse button until the old cycle loop completes.

On my system Cubase always freezes. I like to compose playing and draging with the cycle loop function, and I had lots and lots of crashes already. Does that happen on Cubase 5 also?

Tried it on Cubase 5.5.3 - no problems. It repeated the old loop and then jumped straight to the new start point and continued on. I’m running win XP w/ yamaha firewire interface…

thanks for taking your time.