Can someone confirm weird legato behaviour?

So I load in a Retrologue, sequence some 16th notes (all one key) and half of them just aren’t playing. I have to manually trim them down slightly using the info bar (or resize with snap turned off). This does not happen in 7.5. Would be grateful if anyone could confirm this for me.

I checked and Retrologue plays 16th notes fine here.

The most likely cause is that the note-off of a note occurs after note-on of the next note on the same pitch.

What you want to have occur is a sequence something like:
C3-note-on, C3-note-off, C3-note-on, C3-note off etc.

But instead what you get is:
C3-note-on, C3-note-on, C3-note-off, C3-note-off

In the second case the first note-off effectively turns off both the first and second note-ons. So trimming the length a bit will rearrange the on-off pattern so it is like the first case above.

Check to make sure that both the start and end times are quantized so there is no overlap (double check in the info line to confirm the note-off happens before or exactly the same as the next note-on - even 1 tick overlap will cause problems). If that looks OK check the MIDI Modifiers in the Inspector for the track. If you are randomizing the start or length of the note it can cause this.

You can probably make it play like you want without editing the notes. In the Inspector set MIDI Modifiers to randomize the length and set the values to -10 and -10 (or whatever works to remove the overlap). This will shorten the length of each note by 10 ticks.