Can someone explain midi fader?

Maybe dumb question but anyway…say I have a midi track sending midi to an instrument HAlion track on channel 2. The midi fader created is by default at off at the bottom position. When I move it up a little it now is a lot quieter which I understand, but now when I move it back to off it mutes. So what was the volume when I had it at off the first time and how do I get it back to that level?


When the MIDI Fader is at the Off position at the beginning, it means the fader doesn’t control the Volume. So you can control it via MIDI CC7 or you can set it up in the Instrument.

Once you move the MIDI fader, it overtakes the control. So if there is any Volume Slider in the Instrument, the Slider moves with the MIDI Fader. When you set it back to Off, the last value which has been send (before Off) is 0. So you set the Volume to 0 in fact. Therefore it looks like it’s muted. Of course, you can change the settings in the instrument again, or on the MIDI Volume Fader.