Can someone explain Stereo Out Levels?

In my mixer, in the Stereo Out Channel, I am mixing into some light compression. Overall the mix is a touch hot, and I wanted to reduce the overall output by turning down the compressor’s output. However, and this is part I don’t get, that has no effect on the Stereo Output level. In fact, if I turn the compressor’s output all the way down, even though I hear no sound, the meters still show the same levels.

So I’m a little confused as to why my Stereo Output inserts have no effect on the overall meter level. I’ve been told in DAW’s not to turn down the Master Fader, because you begin to lose resolution (in fact, turning down the Master Fader doesn’t effect the meters either. They still show the same levels, even when the fader is at zero). I’d rather not grab all the faders and move them down, which would mean having to rebalance everything.

I hope this makes sense, and that someone can explain why inserts have no effect on the output meters in the Stereo Out channel. Thanks.

Ah, I figured out my problem. I did not have “Post Fader” selected in the Mixer settings.

Is it true, however, if I am peaking at zero, that lowering the fader is a bad idea, that one begins to lose resolution?

If you are peaking at the master channel’s stereo out you need to either lower the volume master fader, adjust the levels inside the mix or put an limiter or compressor & limiter in the master’s inserts, as we know.
Lowering the level with the master fader is not such a dramatic thing to to. Due to the technique Nuendo’ audio engine uses, the negative effects are so minimal that I have not yet heard any.

Big K