Can someone explain this strange behavior! ****SOLVED****

I record a my mixes back into Cubase via some outboard rather than using internal bounce.

So let’s say for instance I start recording my mix at bar 9 (I always start my tunes in Cubase at bar 9 to allow some space at the start of a track in case I want to add an extra bit of intro - old habit really)

Then I end up with a mix wav file start point bar 9 … perfect no problem. Save project.

If I then decide to import this mix into another Cubase project at the cursor set to bar 9 then even with snap on (or without) the file start a little earlier at

… and has this faint line on the file overview that is at bar 9, when I look inside the editor the little faint line is actually the “Event Snap Point”

What the heck is going on here, I’m seriously confused why Cubase is doing this, can anyone help … please :confused:


Your tempo is slightly different between the two tracks?


Nope - definitely exactly the same tempo - same sample rate.

In fact if I import it back into the same project it came from - it does the same thing adds this extra bit of audio on the beginning and the Event Snap Point is where the file should start to be the correct length.

I can drag the start handle of the file up to Event Snap Point and the file is now the correct length … but it seems a bit crazy I need to do that.

It does seem to know where it should be as it has this faint line on the overview at the correct start point - it’s just the correct start point is now the Event Snap Point … I’m seriously confused.


So is the audio in the correct place after importing back, and is something added to the event start, or is the audio actually shifted early? And after the original recording, are you certain the event start is exactly at bar 9 (also when zooming in), or also a bit before?

Yes this is whats happening.

The audio is in the correct place but a little bit of audio has been added to the left of the Event Snap Point.
Even though that little bit of audio wasn’t present when the file was first recorded.

It is only appearing after I import the file back into the same or new project.

I’m wondering if it’s anything to do with the fact I am recording the mix back into Cubase via an analg bus compressor and AD DA and not doing an internal bounce and this extra audio is due to the PDC engine.
Although the file starts exactly on the bar visually after it is first recorded.

I will have to check if the same behavior is happening with file made with an internal bounce.

I’m still mightily confused as to what Cubase is doing!


Maybe you have pre record turned on?


Tad dah

You are RIGHT!!

Top prize goes to you sir.

I just could figure it out - you live you learn.

Thanks, I really appreciate your reply.



You’re welcome!