Can someone figure out how this macro works?
At 11:28 he explains that you can spot sound effects to a selected range.
I cant figure out how this macro works

Thank you in advance

Maybe the macro shown @ 14:18 is the one being used?

sadly this is not working in Nuendo10

Works fine here. Using a macro containing ‘insert into project at cursor’ followed by ‘crop range’ does the exact same thing as outlined in the video.

Ran into the same problem as runsun. Set up the macro just like above, and it spots the clip at the beginning of the selection no problem but then it doesn’t crop it at the end of the selection, so I have to crop it myself which is one step more than it would need to be…? It’s a LITTLE helpful, but it would be nicer if it would crop to the selection like in the video. Any idea why this isn’t working on my Nuendo? I’ve tried all sorts of settings that could have anything to do with it, but no luck yet… :frowning:

Solved. Started Nuendo up today again and gave it another go, and suddenly it works. Sheesh.