Can someone help me decipher this crash report?

I am on an older Mac Pro and was running Cubase 9 without issue using El Capitan up until very recently when I upgraded to Sierra. I am now having trouble loading certain projects that just cause Cubase to crash as soon as I load them. Other projects load fine. I have a crash report but I don’t see any way of attaching it here.

Hi there! Use this button to upload the crash report:

Yeah I tried that, it wouldn’t let me select the file.

I think I did just figure out what was causing the crash though. Ozone 8 Elements appears to be causing an instant crash. I tried solving it by updating that via the Izotope product portal and now Cubase is adding it to the blacklist. If I re-activate it, it crashes Cubase instantly. This sucks pretty hard, but at least I can load the projects I was having trouble with now… they just don’t have Ozone in them anymore.