Can someone help me figure out how to remove this unwanted page break (with no hidden signposts, etc.?)

I’ve set it to have 4 systems/frame so not sure why it did 3 the first page and then inserted an unwanted page break?:

Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

Turn the break at B into a Frame Break.
Add a Frame Break at the beginning of bar 1. Select this Break (the one at the beginning) and set Wait for next Frame Break in he properties panel. You may need an additional system Break at bar 10.

Easier to “make into frame,” no? Click on the first downbeat, then Ctrl-click to select the end barline on 4th system, then choose “make into frame”?

I still don’t trust that button, when there are existing breaks. Given I don’t know which Wait properties are already set where, I can’t know which of those properties may become inadvertently unset.

But isn’t it true that Frame breaks and System breaks can coexist pretty well? System break is defining the system, and frame break is defining the frame. I’ve never had a problem with them. It’s only when you start combining breaks of the same kind, or deleting a break without removing “wait.”

I’ve never done it the way you described; I’ve always “made into frame.”

Frame Breaks and System Breaks can certainly coexist well. There was a spate of issues with people using “Make Into” on overlapping selections a while back, so I shy away from recommending those buttons.

I use them all the time in my own work, but if I walk into a hole then I know exactly how to climb out again. I’d rather not have to help somebody out of a hole I’ve pushed them into, particularly if I can’t see the likely location of a ladder (as is the case with a screenshot rather than a Dorico project). Furthermore, by providing instructions that involve the use of the “wait for” property, I’d like to think that I’m guiding people towards ladders with which to climb out of potential holes.

Terrible analogy but you get the point, I’m sure.

It’s also worth noting that this likely happened because of the headers on the first page. I actually made a request on the forum some months ago that Dorico do a better job of respecting this setting on the first page. Nearly every single score I have to force the correct number of staves on the first page even though there is plenty of room as in your example and I have an explicit value set in the layout settings. For whatever reason, Dorico’s algorithm doesn’t agree, but as soon as I force it via make into frame it figures out a very agreeable spacing.

I since somehow corrected the problem but thanks all for the suggestions. I forgot about making things into a frame which I may try if I encounter this again (presuming it doesn’t introduce other problems, of course)…

  • D.D.