Can someone help me with a VCA fader question?

I have set up a VCA fader to a bunch of tracks that are grouped into different folders. The only thing I want to use the VCA fader for is to collectively control their volume level. But after grouping the tracks by highlighting them all in the mixer, and then right-clicking and selecting “group selected tracks to VCA fader”, enabling monitoring on one of the tracks enables monitoring on all of the tracks, and enabling record on one of them enables it on all of them.

How can I use this group / VCA fader only for their volume level, while everything else is left normal?

Its a known issue with Cubase. Please add your support to our feature request to allow using of groups / VCA faders without all tracks becoming record enabled / monitor enabled when selecting one track from the group.

Hold down ALT while enabling monitoring, same goes for record arm.