can someone help me with settings im getting no reading of sound in cubebase le9

hey everyone,
I have a Toshiba satellite laptop hooked up to alesis multimix 4
im all hooked up and I can not get reading in cubebase of any sound
I assume its a setting somewhere either in cubebase or laptop, but im at a loss
will someone please help me out’

You’ve probably seen articles like this:

You need to be able to see the Alesis device in Cubase > Devices > Device Setup > VST audio system. Your operating system has to recognize the multimix before that can happen. Exactly how to check that depends on your OS. (You should include that kind of information in your signature in this forum… user control panel, profile tab, edit signature.) There needs to be some kind of driver. Steinberg provides a generic fallback (explained here in the manual) in case you can’t get a better ASIO driver from Alesis.

Assuming you do see the Alesis described in some manner under VST audio system, the problem is probably audio configuration within Cubase, rather than the laptop. I really don’t know if you had any idea of where to begin, how far you got in the audio setup routine described in the manual (or whatever other information source you used), or what OS you have. There might be someone here who has your hardware and OS, who could give you more than my vague advice. You’ll need to be more specific to attract their assistance. (My setup is different from yours, so I’ve never experienced your problem. Therefore, anything else I might say would likely be a waste of time, and could do more harm than good.) Good luck.