Can someone please check if HSO in Halion Se3 has acces to flexphrase


I need to write 20 characters.

this suggests you can ?

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think HSO is using flexphraser at all.

looks like you are going to need the full version of Halion Sonic I’m afraid

I think that’s right- the preset would have had to be created with the flexphraser included.

Need a little help here!

I found HSO on christmas sale so I read about it. I’ve got a few decent orchestral libraries but not nearly enough arpeggiated features so I watched the video to discover Flexphrase. After reading the requirements (nothing other than standard computer specs) I hesitated because there was no demo. I’m too burned from vaporware but I’ve had a relation with Steinberg since Cubase 1 Atari so I have some 10.000 hours invested in the workflow.

Anyway, I dropped the coin (been saving - am not rich) for me and my gf. Installed authorized and started digging in. Good sounds, good interface. But nowhere to find Flexphrase. Started digging around to find you need a full version of Halion to access that.

Wow, bummer.

So I contacted Steinberg and told them that I felt cheated so I wanted my money back. Fast. Because I had a backup plan to spend my hard earned money on the christmas sale elsewhere.

Not a word from support in a week. The day after the christmas sale over at Vengeance stopped (where I wanted to pick up the Producer pack 2 instead of HSO) I tried to contact the asknet guys who grabs the money.

They answered in two days saying that Steinberg does not allow the purchase to go back because I’ve used the authorization codes?!

Well: there is no demo, the info on the page is untrue and the EU consumer laws says that any purchase can be reversed in the first two weeks - no questions asked.

So - any of you had the same experience and found a way to deal with it except wearing jack ass ears?

Sincerely - Anodyne

PS Mods - please remove the same post from Halion forum

hi Anodyne_Havoc

sorry you had a bad experience - I don’t have HSO but are you sure you need the full version of Halion to use Flexphrase - I thought there was ‘limited’ access to presets in Halion Sonic SE ? It’s definitely in Halion Sonic

Steinberg support can sometimes be a bit slow to respond but keep pushing - they will respond eventually.

Check the flexphrase thing first then send another email to SB would be my advice

No pads are named, hence active on any sound.

So now we know that there is no Flexphrase in HSO as advertised on the home page video. Can someone share if they have encountered a similar problem with Steinberg ducking EU refund laws within 14 days and how it got solved. Or didn’t…

Hi @Anodyne_Havoc

If you’re talking about the video on the HSO product page, that video is a tutorial for Absolute, as the author says at the beginning of the video, and the portion devoted to HSO which is so he is using Halion 5.

Just wanted to share that info with you.

In regard to your other question, from what I have seen here on the forum, Steinberg follows their sales policy and the EU right of return laws properly. You should check with the the Steinberg shop (not tech support) to verify for yourself, of course.

I tried, the support and asknet (or whatever the banker is called) no one has still answered except asknet who told me Steinberg won’t take it back no matter what.

Ah, well that’s the authoritative answer, unfortunately. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Steinberg does allow for its products to be resold, if that’s something you’d want to do. There’s a link about that in this topic: eLicenser - can you transfer licences

Now it’s not. It’s the call for the swedish consumer authority.

”When you sell a good or a service to a consumer online or via other means of distance communication (by telephone, mail order) or outside a shop (from a door-to-door salesperson), the consumer has the right to return the item or cancel the service within 14 days. This is sometimes referred to as the cooling-off period or the withdrawal period. No reason or justification has to be given by the consumer.”

AND I even have a cause.