Can someone please help me simplify the process of moving over to MAC from PC

Hey Guys,

I want to move my old personal homes studio setup to mac, my issue is my project drive and my sound library I need to move them to a drive that the mac can read and write to… What would be the best way to do this?

Do I need to move them first to a format that can be read from both and then again to a format that is best for the mac?

By moving my sound library I’m hoping I wont have to install large libraries again such as east west and the complete stuff.

All my old cubase projects where on PC but I’m assuming should be no issues there.

Appreciate any help to simplify and help speed this process up because its gonna be a bit of a haul haha.

Thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Both Windows and Mac can read exFAT or FAT32. disk formats. The last time I moved Kompete from Mac to Windows I ended up installing it all over again, I can’t remember why.

Thank you! Oh lol that doesnt give me much hope haha. Just kidding.

Ok so have a drive in exfat or fat32 move everything to that drive, is it fine leaving it at that format or should I then move it again to a mac journalled format or whatever for better performance?

ps I’ve been on these forums forever when I changed my password it somehow mad me a new account, my user name is realizment2…


I would move it to the Mac format after that. And make sure you check disks content before you reformat them. I have done this dance before and realized after reformatting, that the copy didn’t go as planned.

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You mean make sure not to wipe anything?

Any tips in term of speeding this process up. couple TB or more to move.

Unfortunately no. If you have the bandwidth and data, Just opening the NI manager on the Mac and telling it to download everything is faster, and there are a lot of updates right now anyway.

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I just came back and read what I wrote, and you should also know that most of the installs on the Mac for NI are going to have to be downloaded anyway, and going through that manager and telling it where you put every little library takes a lot longer than just letting it download everything.

The only reason not to do it that way is if you get charged for data by your ISP or if you get charged for going over a certain amount a month, and then you should check to make sure it isn’t going to be very expensive.

On the Mac it will install everything very nicely. On Windows you have to sit and watch it because it messes up a lot. NI is going to be releasing a LOT of updates soon, if not already, so this is going to be something to plan for.

Thank you! As its been quite some time I am planning to update everything obviously to latest but I figured I could save some time with just the sound library files being loaded ona drive already and pointing to them, plus I have custom kontakt kits etc.
Will this be possible then just installing the new sound libraries from scratch?

Thanks again!!!