Can someone please tell me how to podcast?


Wavelab Elements 9. I’d like to podcast, but try as I might, I just can’t get it!

Can anyone recommend a site/resource/instructions on podcasting? I’ve Googled it, seen YouTube videos… I must be stupid but I’m missing something, somewhere.

All I want to do is create a podcast, host it then subscribe to it. I have web space, but I’ve lost the plot.

Thanks for any replies.

It is about as simple as it gets just follow the steps on this site How to Start Your Own Podcast.

There are whole websites dedicated to Pod Casting. Unfortunately this web site is not really about doing what you want to do.


Responding to this question after watching the WaveLab Cast videos on YouTube. I upgraded from LE to Elements a year ish ago to do Podcasting and was disappointed the section on podcasting only focused on how to publish your podcast after you have finished producing it. All of the tools are there in WaveLab Elements, sadly the training just doesn’t exist for it.

Were you able to accomplish your goal with WaveLab or did you move on to another tool?