Can someone read me this crash log so I know what crashed my project

Cubase 12-2022-03-04-134222.crash (307.9 KB)

Using MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max on macOS Monterey

Do you have any context of when the crash occurred?

Hi Matthias, I opened up the project, went to make a coffee and when I got back it was crashed

OK. Which kind of coffee?

I will feed the crash log into our system and check.


Turkish, of course.
Super, looking forward to diagnosis!

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Nice. I love Turkish coffee.

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Cubase 12-2022-03-05-155909.crash (471.6 KB)


I also had a crash couple of minutes ago when I tried to render in place a track, so if you could also check that I would be grateful.

And again…
Cubase 12-2022-03-05-160756.crash (467.5 KB)

Hi Billy, unfortunately we are unable to read the crash logs. Did you manually change anything? How did you create the logs?

Hey Matthias, I went to Console in macOS, went to Crash Reports, found the Cubase crash file, and just renamed extension from .ips to .crash.
Is there some other location from which I should extract the logs?

Ah, could you please not rename them and send them again?

Cubase crash (50.8 KB)

Sure thing, here! I renamed the extension because forum doesn’t allow that extension to upload. Here I managed to upload by putting it in zip file.

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The crash is caused by Spectrasonics and the Amber library. That’s all we can see right now.

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@Billy_Shears I have informed Spectrasonics:
" It looks like we may need more information from Billy_Shears.
Can you let them know to send us an email to and put ‘Attn Quay’ in the subject line so their email will go straight to me?"
Please contact them directly… Thanks

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