Can someone read this .dmp? Cubase 13.0.40 crashing on close

This is the exact same issue that drove me nuts with Cubase 12. Haven’t had this issue since v13 was released, but now it’s back.

Can someone tell what is crashing Cubase when I close the program?

Cubase 13.0.40 64bit 2024.6.3 (601.4 KB)

The crash happens in Machine 2, it seems to wait on some event from Windows. Try updating the plugin to the latest version, or take it out to see if that avoids the crash.

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Thank you!

This makes sense. I updated both Cubase and Maschine over the weekend. I’ve had a huge amount of problems with Maschine in the past, and support suggested the latest update for some issues. Of course, it’s now caused more problems.

Native Instruments has turned to trash, and they should be ashamed.

I was going to give Maschine another shot, but now I’ll just uninstall and keep it deleted.

I bought Kit Maker and used it to convert all my Maschine libraries to individual samples, so no great loss. Been making my own kits with Groove Agent anyway, and just using the Maschine pads to trigger it.

Update: I’ve had zero crash on close issues since I deleted NI Maschine from my computer. Latest version of Maschine was the problem, but I’m not rolling back to an older version and staying away from it. It’s been a headache for quite a while now.