Can someone teach me 'random velocity' and 'select alternate notes'

hello. i tried on youtube but solution i found was for stephen hawkins fans.

is there a way to grab some notes and randomise their velocities, preferably within a range. there’s a window mentioned in the manual called MIDI Modifiers but i cant find this in 10,5, is it out of date?

also anyone know how to select alternate notes, (good for hi hat). do i have to use the logical editor?

similarly if you cant point to any tutorials that would be good too, thanks.

The best and fastest way to do this is with the project logical editor.
I think there is a preset for that.
Search for that in the manual, and I really recommend to watch the following video:

MIDI Modifiers is most likely not set to be visible in the Track’s Inspector. Select the Track and in the lower left of the Inspector section (I think, not at DAW to verify) click the gear shaped icon and set it to show the tabs you want. This will make the tab visible for all Tracks of the same type - so you don’t need to do this on every Track.

Regarding selecting alternating Notes the Logical Editor (not the Project Logical Editor) is best for that. Initially using it can seem intimidating, but it is actually pretty simple once you are familiar with it. Taking the time to understand it is probably one of the best investments of your time you can make for using Cubase. The stock Presets are chock full of examples of how to use it. One of them shows how to select every other note.

I’ll try to remember when I’m in the studio to post some presets here that pretty much do what you want and a few alternative approaches.

Here’s a few LE Presets to use as starting points

This will select every other note, change Parameter to 3 for every third note. Ignore the D-2 part which is just showing the pitch of MIDI Note # 2.

This shows how to randomly adjust the Note Start Position relative to the current value. Change the Target Action to Velocity to randomize that.

This is an alternative approach to ‘every other’ where you specify what position within a Bar that you want to select. In this case it is a small range around beats 1 & 3 which get increased by 15. I have another similar that increases beast 2 & 4 by 7. Put them both into a macro and assign a Key Command to it and you have instant 4/4 accents on both the primary and secondary beats.