Can someone tell me the way they'd go about copying the following?

I’m presuming there’s an obvious “best” way of doing it and was wondering what that is? The approach I tried (notating everything - including the harmony notes - in a single voice initially, then selecting JUST the harmony notes and trying to assign them to a 2nd voice, then trying to do something about the resulting rests), ended up being a bit of a jumble (including with issues of upstem vs. downstem, etc.). Thanks for any suggestions on how you’d approach copying this!

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I would personally write it all in one voice, it seems terribly difficult to read the way it’s written now… Are they meant to be two voices? In which case it makes no sense…

There seem to be some rhythm dots missing in the first 4 bars - the start appearing in bar 5.

I don’t know if this is the “best” way but it seemed straightforward.

First tweak the notation options, so Dorico will give you dotted notes followed by a rest.
Enter the main line in an upstem voice.
Enter the harmony notes in a downstem voice. This is easy, if you see that it is mostly a half note and a half note rests, syncopated. So let Dorico do the work of creating the correct rests and ties!
Select everything, Edit / Remove rests.
Select everything again, Edit / Filter / upstem voice 1, right click, and force the stem directions up.

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I do agree with Bollen that it’s rather confusing to read, and the extra voice seems unnecessary. But the valid point has been made here frequently that folks are usually not asking for advice on what’s proper, just asking how to do it.

In that case, I’d do it exactly as Rob described. FWIW.

Rob, you gotta get on the gif train! All the cool kids are doing it. :sunglasses:

Yeah, it does look a bit neater all in one voice. On the other hand, we don’t have any context that might explain why it was written like it was. (We don’t even know what instrument(s) it’s for…)

Yes that’s much more readable… I want to get on the GIF train too, but yet more software, more accounts, etc… Don’t know if I can be bothered.

Side note: in my defence the OP said “I’m presuming there’s an obvious “best” way of doing it and was wondering what that is?” and my “best” way of doing it includes putting it all in the same voice… :mrgreen:

Thanks all. I guess I first tried something similar to Rob’s approach, except that I real-time midi recorded the whole thing (including the harmony notes) into a single voice; then selected and re-assigned the harmony notes to a 2nd voice. That got me “rest city” and I struggled with how to remove them, but had forgotten I could select all and “remove rests”. As far as why it’s notated this way, it’s a jazz chart to be played by different potential instruments, and the original notation (I’m presuming) is designed to indicate that everyone can play the first part (leading up to each harmony note) in unison and then on the harmony notes one person can assume the top note and one person the bottom whenever a harmony is encountered (to me, this idea I think is pretty clear this way versus doing stem up/stem down on every single note or something)…
Best and thanks all -

I felt the same way, but it’s super easy. I use Screen to Gif. Set your capture window, press record, hit save, and it automatically uploads to imgur… and gives you a link. No account needed!

But you do need software to capture in Windows, no? And then in order to get them to display here you also need an account with some other kind of picture host, otherwise they display as attachments only, right?

Software, yes. A pretty compact and one-step program. External account, no. You don’t even need to navigate to Imgur. The program uploads the image to Imgur automatically when you save the gif, and gives you a link to copy-paste.

Ah… Nice! And what is the name of this fabulous program?

Screen to Gif.