Can someone upload the Cubase 7 color scheme?

Hi, I currently own Cubase 8 and by default it looks really dark and blue. I like the Cubase 7 color scheme better (white) but I can’t seem to get the proper colors when I try to edit my Cubase 8. Can someone who owns Cubase 7 upload the default “Preference Preset” so that I can use that in my version?

PS: I know that Cubase 7 is a bit dark aswell but this request is mainly based on the “Project” colors part.

Thanks in advance.

you can in fact load cubase 7 with your v8 license

Where/how can I do that?

From the downloads section of the main Steinberg website. For example, you can get the C7.5 full installer from here (scroll down):

Ok thanks I’ll look into it.

You might also have more success getting someone to upload just the preset if you ask over in the Cubase 7 section: