Can someone with Melodyne help get me started here?

Just d/-ed the trial of Melodyne. I want to time stretch an audio clip. Here’s what I do:

New proj
Import 1 audio file
Open ch settings, insert an instance of Mel.
Click Transfer
Play trasnsport; I now see the audio event in the Mel. editor
Click the timing tool

Now what? I keep clicking on the event in the Mel. editor, dragging the cursor around…nothing is happening. Same deal in standalone mode.

Can someone either tell me what to do, or point me to the manual, and what page?


Open wide, here comes the choo-choo.

You rock dude - thanks!

Anybody else care to offer a mature response?

I took a quick look at the online manual (couldn’t find a traditional one)

and it seems that it may take a few more steps than then ones you described.

There’s also a video tutorial section at the bottom.

Sorry I can’t be much more help than that.

Did you bother to watch one of the vids? :bulb:

Following your own recipe… once the transfer as been completed, all you need to do is change the tempo in Cubase, and Melodyne will follow (so in this particular case, where you aren’t using Melodyne to also change any pitches, you aren’t really gaining anything from just putting the audio clip into Musical Mode, and doing it directly in Cubase anyways! :wink: ).
Melodyne itself can lengthen and/or move “blobs” (even when grouped), but AFAIK, does not “stretch” an ensemble of them (as if the selection were a single event to be strectched)
If you say that “nothing was happening”, that is probably because the timing was “snapped” to the grid (try while holding down the Alt key :wink: )


Well, now in standalone, if I import a file, it gets seperated into notes (blobs…lol) - like in the Mel vid. Didn’t do that before - maybe that’s b/c I had Cubase open at the time. But within Cubase, nothing is happening - even if I change the tempo in either musical mode, or linear. Mel does not follow the tempo. And the audio is not seperated into notes either - it’s one blob. I get the snap to grid thing, but holding alt doesn’t help; that’s not the issue. :confused:

Did you use the bridge?

Eh, bridge? No - don’t think so. I am using the 64-bit vers of Mel w/64-bit Cubase. There shouldn’t be a bridge, should there?

It’s not a bit bridge, but a bridge from melodyne to Cubase. I know it’s long-winded, but watch the secon vid that appears in my Google search.