Can SpectraLayers One be used as a standalone or in other DAW's?

Just wondering if the version of SpectraLayers 7 ONE that is included in Cubase 11 can be used as a standalone application?

Or can it only be used in Cubase 11? Or perhaps it can be used in Cubase 10.5?


The selling point for SL One is that it relieves you of the need to use an external editor with Cubase 11. I saw that in the Steinberg presentation video. If you want a standalone option, it sounds like you need to go with SL Pro.

Thanks. I thought that would be the case. So, as a follow up question, Is SpectraLayers One 7 listed as a separate license on the eLicenser? I haven’t bought Cubase 11 yet, but probably will. I do already have SpectraLayers Pro 7, which is a great program, so I don’t really need SpectraLayers ONE 7. If it had a separate license, I could at least give SpectraLayers ONE 7 to someone else if they had Cubase 10.5, if indeed, SpectraLayers ONE 7 does work with Cubase 10.5.

Yours are probably follow-up questions for Robin. I don’t use Cubase. I’m just going with what I garnered from Steinberg media.

Just to be clear, there’s only one installer for all 3 editions (Pro/Elements/One).
You can also use One as a standalone, but it’s of limited use. Specially if you already own the Pro license.
Pro > Elements > One.
What edition will launch then will be automatically detected depending on what license you have on your computer: if you have a SL Pro license, SL Pro will always launch. If you don’t have a SL Pro license, SL will look for a SL Element license. If you don’t have a SL Element license, SL will check if you have a Cubase 11 license, and if so it’ll launch SL One.

Follow up question : while in theory you could have a separate SL One license, I don’t think Steinberg is actually distributing one. Instead, SL One depends on the Cubase 11 license.

Well, thanks for clearing that up, Robin. I imagine a lot of people would be bummed if you couldn’t use One in standalone mode at all.

Thanks for your response, Robin. Makes sense to me!