Can Steinberg allow Cubasis 3 to run on macos m1 silicon

I saw the app used to run on m1

Can Steinberg allow us to use Cubasis on our silicon Macs?

I don’t want to use Logic and I prefer Cubasis and cubase is too much for me to handle

Is there anyway they could re allow the app to run on Mac m1 silicon?

Edit - I see others had it running on iPad Pro, but it stopped being compatible. If Cubasis is $50, IAP are $20 for halion, $15 for Neo fm, $15 for fm classic , $20 for waves, $5 for real tune, so that’s $125 for the nearly complete daw, all iap and tax bring it to almost $150…. I don’t see how this isn’t a good idea to sell Cubasis 3 as a cubase lite especially for producers who don’t use or can’t use advanced cubase 13 users)

Speaking of whcih I bought ic pro for $17 and it was removed from the App Store ! I can’t believe they did that . That was expensive