Can Steinberg do this!

I have posted about this sort of idea before. Some kind of ‘ideas’ library.

No response from Steinberg yet, but now its been achieved by VSL.

If Steinberg could do something like this it would be (and I rarely use this word) “awesome”

Of course this sort of functionality does not have to be limited to orchestral instruments, and could cover any acoustic instrument and more. Also because C6 is a powerful sequencer already and has both note expression and expression maps it could integrate functionality with its score editor and key editor in ways that VSL is not able to achieve - also it could be provided for any orchestral package rather than confined to one set of samples.

Such functionality could add a considerable level of power to C7 and it could easily become the market leading choice for the composer from where Steinberg could step to now.

Link? I don´t need a world map in cubase. Sorry.

Aloha Z,


That link doesn’t take me anywhere, just the newspage of VSL.

My apologies to all here is a new link but I am not sure if it will work for you

what I am talking about is the VSL “APP sequencer” which is part of the new Vienna isntruments Pro 2.

There are two videos on the site and the overwiew one is hte one i am referring to.

its well worth watching

Aplogies for the first link