Can’t add TAB for certain instruments

I’m not sure if this is a bug or user error on my part, but certain instruments seem like they can’t have a TAB staff added to them. I first noticed it when trying to add a TAB staff to a 4-string bass instrument. Yet I can easily add a TAB staff to a 6-string bass. I can reproduce this in a new project just by adding both instruments and then opening Layout Options, selecting PlayersFretted Instruments. It only shows options for the 6-string bass, and not the 4-string bass.

I can easily add a 6-string bass, turn on the TAB staff, then edit the tuning to remove the two extra strings, and it works as if it’s a 4-string bass. Just wondering why the 4-string bass (and 5-string, and several others) don’t have the option to add TAB staves to them.

Works fine for me. It would be helpful if you posted a screen shot of exactly what instrument you’re adding and the resulting project.

It’s also working as it should on my system.

Can you attach a project that demonstrates this problem, ChuckDimeCliff? There must be something screwy with the instruments you’re using that Dorico is unable to find any string definitions for them, but without seeing the file I can’t say why that might be.

Sure thing, here’s a minimal project. This was created from a new project.
Missing (426 KB)

I can enable TAB for both instruments on my system. Maybe try reinstalling Dorico.

If works fine for me as well in Dorico 3 Pro. Are you running Dorico 3 Pro or Elements?

This is certainly very weird. ChuckDimeCliff, can you attach a screenshot of the Fretted Instruments section of the Players page of Layout Options?

It seems to me that it’s only an issue on brand new projects. If I add the two instruments and go to Layout Options, I get this:, but when I save and re-open the project, I get this:

I’m running Dorico Pro 3.

ChuckDimeCliff, we believe you when you tell us what you get, but the mystery is why at least 3 other people have opened the file you saved and posted here, and don’t get the same problem.

It’s really very odd. What that behaviour suggests is that for some reason Dorico is only adding the string and tuning information when the project is reopened. I am really struggling to come up with an explanation for this, but I’ll discuss it with the team tomorrow.