Can"t align audio to tempo

Not sure what happened here, but i’m in a project with only wav audiio and i"m trying to align the tempo to the sequencer grid.
The stems are all from the same track being 125bpm
But no matter what tempo i put in, the waves stay aligned the same way to the grid
4 measures on the griid being about half a measure too long.
I never had this problem when combining audio and midi, but now with audio alone i can’t get it right? Individual tracks seem to change when i depress musical mode
But i just want all wavs to stay the same and by putting in the right tempo in the project it all should align to the grid. Why is this so counter intuitive and difficult?

Maybe the 1st part of this video could be helpful?

got it, my project was on “seconds” rather then “bars and beats”
for some reason this seems to be the default when the first track you arm is audio. :smiling_imp: