Can’t align audio tracks

Hi, I’ve recently bought the cubasis 2 as an in-app upgrade from the LE version, and on my first project it showed itself useless to me so far.

I recorded a recital with two different recorders, then I wanted to mix both together. As it is an hour long recital with classical music, no click track would match it, so the grid should be off. I did turn it off but still the tracks cant be moved on top of each other perfectly.

To begin with the tracks dont show the audio waves, only bigger or smaller ‘squares’, and I cant align a clap sound for example. The track moves sideways in “clicks” folowing those squares.

I searched everywhere in the app, tried all the menus and finally gave up, asked for a refund in the appstore and got it. I went for Auria Pro and it works…

As I’ve read good reviews on both apps, and quite a few people saying it is a good thing to have both, I’d actually like to make it useful to me. Now with the Cubasis 3 out I’d probably go for that one, but only if manual track alignment is possible, since I’m mostly working with live audio without click track.

What do you say?

Hi ericoschmitt,

Thank you you for your message.
Of course, I leave the feedback about Cubasis 3 to our users.

Please note that Cubasis LE 3 is planned to be released at the end of March 2020.
This might be helpful for you to try out the app before buying it.