Can’t change Sample Rate

I’m a long time music maker and been using Cubasis 2 on two other iPads with little to no issues. So I’m fairly knowledgeable. Currently I am using an iPad 11 Pro 2020 with Cubasis 3.

When starting a new project I am unable to change the sample rate to 44.1 without any tracks loaded or other programs running in the background. I get the error (The sample rate was set to 48.0 kHz because either the hardware doesn’t support your initial setting or another app is blocking it). Which would be fine and dandy as I would love to record at higher sample rates yet none of the Audio Units seem to work well if not set to 44.1. So currently my version of Cubasis 3 is useless until I can solve this issue. I’d also like to mention that Cubasis 2, Beatmaker 3, Multitrack DAW, Auria Pro, and more can be set to 44.1 without issue on the iPad Pro 2020. Moreover, Cubasis 3 works as normal on my old iPad Air 2. So this definitely seems to be an issue with Cubasis 3 and the iPad Pro 2020 model.

lastly, transferring my effects purchases from version two diversion three just seems to freeze version two and didn’t transfer them to version three.

Hi @InIt2WinIt,

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Please note that the available sample rates are given by the iOS and/or hardware devices in use.

To learn more, please have a look at our dedicated Revised Sample Rate Handling in Cubasis article, to learn more about this topic.

Hope that helps!

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