Can’t Create New project in iCloud Drive after update to iPadOS 16, still no Dorico folder

This issue only applies to my iPad Pro (1st gen), my iPad (7th gen) is OK and it’s only happened since updating to iPadOS 16.
Dorico version on both iPads is 2.5, iPad OS 16 on both iPads.

On iPad Pro (1st gen) :
I have the “iCloud Drive” button selected but when I “Create New” the project is stored on the iPad.

On iPad (7th gen) :
I have the “iCloud Drive” button selected and when I “Create New” the project is saved in iCloud Drive, I can see the project on the other iPad.

I wish iCloud Drive and Dorico would play nicely, still can’t see a Dorico folder in iCloud Drive :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you saying that there is no “Dorico” folder under iCloud Drive?

I had this, and had to fix it on my Mac. (Do you have a Mac?)

When you Save a File in Dorico, click on the drop-down menu in the save dialog, and look for the iCloud Drive section. Click on the “Dorico” folder, and one will be created.


Once you’ve done that, the iPad will see it.

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Not for me: not on Windows nor Mac not iPad nor iPhone.
I have tried saving a file on the Mac and on iPad to the iCloud folder, but no Dorico folder appears anywhere.

So what happened when, on the Mac, you selected the “Dorico” folder as the place to save a Dorico file, as in my image?

This is what I see on my MacBook Pro (2012)

And if you click on the drop-down, does it offer you a Dorico folder?

Yes, but it appears to be outside the iCloud folder in the Documents Folder (likely one I created myself prior to the intro of the iPad version of Dorico).

That’s right, no “Dorico” folder under iCloud Drive.
I don’t have Dorico on my Mac but as I am typing this I thought I could try the trial version of Dorico to make the folder.
Thanks for the idea!