Can’t drag midi file into projects

Hey people,

I recently installed Cubase 12 Pro.
And I came across the following problem; I can’t drag midi files into my projects, even with the function : import> midi file, doesn’t work. Audio files are possible to drag in, only midi not.
Somebody has the solution for me because it’s doing my head in.

Thanks in advance!

When you drag it in are you dropping it on an Instrument (or MIDI) Track?

Both, I can’t get it in Cubase. If I open a midi track or instrument track. Normally you can drag it anywhere but not on the audio tracks .
Sometimes if you drag it into an empty project, it will open stock plugins of nothing and you can assign the track to a plug-in. But it does nothing now


What happens if you import the very same MIDI File via File > Import > MIDI File, please?

I won’t upload anything. Even in the searchbar I can’t find the files under the midi category. I have to select anything category and than I can click on them, but still won’t upload


There is no files under the midi category. As I wrote, go to the menu File > Import > MIDI File…

Ive done the import midi file.
First picture there aren’t any midi files.
Second picture i switch next to file name to any type and the midi files pop up. But if i click on them it wont open

Sorry I can’t post the pictures here, maybe I can’t send them private? Or other solution?

And I’ve read about not running it in administrator modus. But i can’t find the way to try that out. Maybe someone knows how you do that?


Do you start Cubase as administrator? Why?

How can I check that? I’ve read that sometimes can be the issue but don’t know how to check if it’s starting as administrator


Sorry, you mentioned this…

I’m not Windows user. Probably in the Properties?

Are the midi files working correctly outside of cubase? If you just double click on one does it play in media player for example?

Yes, Right click on the .exe, then go to properties/compatibility.
From there you can see if run in administrator mode is selected, but unless you have changed this manually in the past it should not be.

Thank you! But it isn’t selected so that’s not the problem. Any other options?

Sorry, I’m stumped, my hunch was faulty midi files, which is why i asked if they are working outside of cubase.

Yes I thought maybe that could be, but if I press them they will play in windows media player so that works normal

Okay, very strange, sorry I cannot think of anything else to try. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Again… Could you import the files via menu, please?

No it doesn’t work either

Drag does it now, apparently the midi files that I bought aren’t working in cubase which is weird. Anyone knows how to solve this? In the media player they al play but not in cubase.
I took an older midi file and this does it right away