Can’t find a qualifying e-license to upgrade from

I came to Cubase via a Yamaha THR30II purchase which included Cubase AI 10.5.
I recently upgraded to Cubase Elements 11 (from Cubase AI) but soon realised I needed Cubase Pro 11 for the extra processing features it offers.

I have now bought an upgrade package comprising a USB elicenser and a DOWNLOAD CODE for Cubase Pro 11 from Cubase AI v6 or higher.

However, the product activation FAILS with a message ’ Can’t find a qualifying e-license to upgrade from’ (paraphrased).

As I upgraded from AI to Elements 11 there is no longer an AI license displayed in my license account - only an Elements 11 license. I’m assuming this is why product activation has failed?

I tried to re-install AI from the original Yamaha Download code but the activation code has already been used - therefore AI fails to reinstall.

Is there a fix for this? Surely Elements upgraded from AI is sufficient qualifying evidence for upgrading to Cubase 11 from AI v6 or HIGHER?

I have put in an official support request on this but Steinberg are very slow to respond at the moment - hence my post here.

This will probably need SB to resolve but just checking - what is in your MySteinberg Account ? (is that what you mean by ‘license account’ ?) If it’s still showing and AI licence you can request another activation code

assuming that one was on a software elicencer ?

just a thought ?

Thanks for the reply. :smiley:

Yes sorry I do mean MySteinberg Account. When I upgraded to Elements 11 the AI 10.5 license disappeared from the list. So my software elicenser currently contains only Elements 11, Blues Essentials, and SongWriters Kit (ie no AI licence visible).

I did request AI reactivation but I got sent (autoemail from Steinberg) the same activation code that has already been used.

I did assume that AI/LE/Elements were essentially the same software ‘level’ but you have to pay a bit more to activate the extra ‘Elements’ features. So I therefore (mistakenly) assumed that an upgrade to Pro 11 from AI 6 or HIGHER would also work off an Elements 11 license. But it doesn’t.

I have put in a support request -but they are very slow at responding.

Meanwhile I have downloaded and installed a free 1 month trial of Cubase Pro 11 which gives me a month’s use until February 2021 whilst I wait for them to respond … I hope I haven’t made the situation even more complicated for them to resolve by doing this?

Further to this, I’ve re-read the license reactivation instructions from your link in the previous reply (thanks for doing that). I’m now thinking maybe I missed-out a process the first time around. It’s not as if I’m not entitled to the AI license so I’m going to have another go at reactivating my missing AI license. I will report back either way.

let us know how you get on

if not I think it’s down to SB to fix - they are normally fairly good in these kind of circumstances (fingers crossed)

Nope. I cannot reactivate my missing AI 10.5 license unless Cubase AI is already in mySteinberg Account. And although I have just reinstalled AI 10.5 from scratch using the original AI download code supplied by Yamaha and I can OPEN and USE it under the full Elements 11 license, I cannot make the AI 10.5 license reappear in MySteinberg account because the original AI download code will only generate the used activation code.
I will have to wait for SB to respond to the support ticket.

yes think you’ve going to need to wait for SB to step in here.

At least you have a month demo licence

If you upgraded from AI to Elements then you only have Elements license.

There lies the confusion.
My ‘Cubase Elements 11’ software is labelled: ‘Cubase LE AI Elements 11’ .
And my ‘Cubase AI 10.5’ software is labelled: ‘Cubase LE AI Elements 10.5’.

In my simple thinking, if a Cubase Pro 11 product is sold as an upgrade from AI v6 or higher, then ‘higher’ could mean everything up to ‘Cubase Artist’ as a valid platform for upgrade purposes.
If I have mistakenly paid more for the upgrade step ‘AI to Pro’ instead of ‘Elements to Pro’ it’s no loss to SB?

Hopefully SB will resolve the issue soon. I’m not asking for any money back - just a more linear/inclusive /concatenated/ hierarchical pathway to an upgrade.

I’m sure that SB will fix it - I think you also have a right of refund, especially if the licence has not been used - so you may be able to actually get it cheaper ?

Let us know how you get on…

Happy days!
Ed Doll from SB Support emailed a solution to me this morning. He explained why the upgrade wouldn’t/shouldn’t/couldn’t work and provided a one-off activation route to get Elements 11 upgraded to Pro 11.

A very simple straight-forward process and I’m happy.

Thanks everyone for the moral support - esp. Dr Strangelove (and Ed Doll).

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Excellent news and thanks for reporting back…

In my experience Steinberg are very good at sorting out this kind of problem.

It’s great to get good news at this time of year :slight_smile: