Can´t find dll files for toontrack in cubase VST library

Hi, I have installed Toontrack EZdrummer2 and EZKeys on my PC and after that I have tried to add the dll´s in Cubase 10 but I can´t find the dll´s in the media file browser.
I find the dll’s in my PC file browser and I have also tried to copy these dll’s into the Steinberg VST directory but I still can´t see these dll’s when I use the VST plug in manager in Cubase.
I see them in the VST instruments in the VST plug in manager and I also see the path to the directory but I can´t connect it or see it when I´m adding a track, the I only can see Prologue and Halion sonic etc.
Does anyone have any idea what´s wrong and why I can´t add these dll`s? Getting really mad at this now… :frowning:


Do you use own Plug-in Collection by any chance;

Hi Martin and thanks for your reply, Do mean if I have installed the plugins in in other folders then the given in the installation?
I have installed the plugins in their own default folders and then tried to find the path in Cubase but it’s not visible, I hav also tried to copy the dll files to the Steinberg VST catalogue but they are not visible anyway.
I’m beginning to think that it can be something with my windows installation…:frowning:


I can see two possible reasons:

  • The plug-in becomes blocklisted. Double-check the block-list in the VST Plug-in Manager, please.
  • Cubase sees the plug-in, but you are using custom Plug-in Collection, so you don’t see the plug-in in your custom Collection. In the VST Plug-in Manager make sure, you are using the default collection, please.

I can see the dll´s in the VST Instruments in the VST plug in manager and I don´t have anything in the blacklist.
Still it´s not showing any Toontrack plugins when I want to add track.


From this, I would guess, you are using custom Plug-in Collection.

Ok, thanks. I just made a new collection with all available VST plugins in the plugin manager and named it VST plugins and now it seems to work.

Not sure if that is right but it seems to work anyway…thanks a lot for your support!!