Can´t find on Monitor Panel independents 5.1 levels

In other versions I could setup a different levels for my 5.1 speakers. I can´t find it in N6.5.

I use to have a set up for movies mixing and a different one fopr DVD mixing, in order to compensate the -3 db on the surrounds.

Does anybody knows how to get there in the control room panel?



Isn’t it different monitors you are looking for? - VST Connections - Studio - add channel - add monitor?


No, I have different monitors setup. For stereo and for 5.1.

What I am referring is that in older versions you could place different levels to your monitors and have a setup for Movie mixing or DVD mixing

Thanks anyway


You can for each monitor insert MixConvert V6 where you can adjust levels for surround etc…
Is it that? Perhaps I do not understand “place different levels”