Can’t find QR code to scan for Authenticator App

Hi all,

I own a license of cubase 11 and deciding on upgrading to version 12 hence downloaded a trial but after going through 2 Factor Authentication button I’m now stuck not being able to lock into My Steinberg account.

It asks for 6 digit authentication code but I don’t know where to find the QR code to scan so thay I can add into my Google Authenticator app.

I spent over 1 hr to search online for the image but find none.

Please advise me here!.

Many thanks

The two step varication had a QR picture above the button , there should be a set of 6 digital emergency codes that you save just in case you were locked out

Account Security: Protecting your account and software from being hacked! - YouTube

Thanks for your pointing out but I went pass that stage and did not record or scan that code at the time.

What could I do now?

If you never made a copy of your recovery codes ,it looks like you’ll need to open a ticket for support . If you can gain access to your account you can disable the QR then reenable it which gives you a new scan and set of codes but you need to access your account and only Steinberg staff can help you with that

You are right, I can’t login to my account to open a ticket for support.
Thanks anyway.