Can’t get audio to playback

Hey guys, recently bought cubase pro 12 and an Behringer UMC22 to record with.

I started on a new project and got all the audio drivers working and all was working well using built in audio and Bluetooth headphones to listen but when I connected the UMC22 I started having trouble.

I managed to route the sound to the external UMC but I feel like I’ve done something bad and can’t get any sound to come through on any driver and nothing goes through to the main mix anymore.

Help :frowning:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does it mean you don’t see the meters of the Stereo Out Channel?

Kind of, I can see there’s audio playing in the separate tracks but not on the master fader?


How is the routing in the project? Do you route the output to the Stereo Out? Could you attach a screenshot?