Can´t get sound from audio track but from VST track.

I use the old Cubase LE 4, and i just got the VST Sampletank to work with Cubase and Korg X50 as master/MIDI keyboard. But i can´t get no sound from the audio track, a electric guitar, even that i can see that it is recording on audio track 01. So where should i look or what menu should i use to set Cubase LE 4 to get sound? I use Tascam US-1641 as audio/MIDI interface and a windows 7 64 bit laptop with Cubase on it. I also have on the computer Reason essentials 8 and energy XT 2.7, another DAW, and they i get audio out from to my monitor speakers.

I now have find out the answer myself, but i have another question: I can use Sampletank and Kontakt 5 player as VST, but can i also use for example line6 POD farm 2.5 and IK multimedia Amplitube as VST effects in Cubase LE 4, or are Cubase LE 4 for old for that?

And can´t i get two or more tracks to sound simultanously like a song, now just the selected track sounds?

Yes… Amplitube, Sampletank & Kontakt work with CB LE4 (they did for me anyway).

As far as getting CB to play more than one track at a time…

Of course it works. There are a lot of settings in Cubase so make sure you check out the quick start guide that is listed in the help menu.

Since you say that you can see the audio tracks recording but they don’t play back, I am going to suggest that you look at the “record” and “monitor” functions for these tracks and make sure that they are disabled during playback. These functions should only be activated when recording.

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Thanks for the answer.

But how do i get the insert effects, like distortion or ping pong delay, on my electric guitar sound? Now i just get FX separate from the guitar.

Make sure the “Inspector” is showing. If not go to the top left of the project window and click on the “Set up Window Layout” button to activate it. Once the inspector is showing click on the track number in the inspector. That will drop down the list of VST instuments (for midi tracks). For an audio track click on the “Inserts” button then click on one of the (8) insert slots to choose the VST effect you have loaded into Cubase. You said you had Amplitube… well, choose that. Once you do that the Amplitube VST plugin window will pop up. Then make sure you choose an actual effect sound from the Amplitube VST window menu. Hope that helps.

Take a look at the operating manual. All of these things are detailed in it. Have fun making music :wink:

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Thanks again, very helpful.