Can`t hear any output from Cubase 10 in Win11

Hello. I have not used Cubase 10 for a little while. When I open a recorded project I can`t see or hear any output of recorded audio and Addictive Drums2 sound out of sync (but can be heard but sound strange).
I have checked the Studio Setup and choosed Focusrite USB ASIO. I have also set Studio> Audio Connectios Outputs to Focusrite USB ASIO output 1 and output 2.
When I open the Pool Window I can mark one audio file and click the playbutton there and I can hear sound from that file.
If I start a new project in Cubase 10 I am not able to hear the metronone either.

I would be very happy if someone could help me here. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Do you have control room enabled? If so you need to set your audio connections output to not connected and then select the focusrite in the control room outputs instead. (Which is also in the audio connections screen)

Hello. I am sorry but I didt mentioned that I am using Cubase 10 Artist, so I dont know if there is any control room feature. :slight_smile:

And one more thing that I forgot to mention: Cubase 10 Artist works perfectly on my Windows 10 laptop!!

I did a little experiment on my desktop pc in Cubase 10 Artist. I opened a recorded project and changed the Focusrite USB ASIO driver to Genetric Low Latency ASIO Driver and hit the play button. I can now hear the music. Any idea what the problem can be? :slight_smile:

I figured it out. I had to reinstall the Focusrite Control driver. Now all works fine.

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