Can’t import backed up project file

Not sure if I’m reporting this right.

Went back to Cubasis having not done anything for about a year. I have an M1 iPad Pro, running iOS16 and have latest version of Cubasis.

I have a back up of a project I did a while back (midi and vocal tracks). I import the zip file and all the tracks show. Unfortunately, none of the vocal tracks are there. The blocks are there showing volume changes etc, and I can find the sounds in ‘my sounds’ but they are not in the project.

what am I doing wrong?

Hi @gordonrobb,

Thanks for your message.

How did you create the backup of the project?

Could you share the ZIP file with me, so we can give the project import a try?
If so, please upload the file via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar and let me have the download link via private message.


Done. Thanks.

Hi @gordonrobb,

Thanks for sharing the project which imports fine, including the vocal tracks here. Please refer to my reply to your private message to check out a short video clip.

This is what I did to import the project:

  1. Zipped the project file folder.
  2. Transferred the file from the MBP to the iPad via Airdrop, choosing Cubasis 3 as the destination.
  3. Loaded the project via double tap.

Hope that helps!


I’m a little confused by this, I’ve PM’d you.