Can`t import mp3 files to cubase 6

When i try to import my mp3 to cubase it shows up whit a bare what no wave in it. I have try to import it from the mp3 folder and from the pool, but still whit the same problem…

Hope you can help :wink:

Does it play any sound? Try selecting the event and at the top edge of the event, IN THE MIDDLE, there should be a little square “handle”. Click and drag down on the TOP handle. I had a project that when I import a file, for some reason it shows up as all white because the IMAGE of the wave has been amplified greatly. Never figured out WHY it was doing this but was able to fix it the way I described.
p.s. Can’t see your image but that could just be my workstation.

thanks for the answer… i have reinstall cubase and now it works :slight_smile: