Can´t install Cubase Artist 7.0.0 on Yosemite

I just have bought today a boxed Cubase Artist 7.0.0 through a Yamaha dealer here in Mexico. I couldn’t complete the installation since this version is not compatible with the MacOS Yosemite. I have tried using the Application Installer for Yosemite without success because it works only from version 7.0.5.
How can I upgrade my 7.0.0 version to get installed on Yosemite?
Is it possible to upgrade to version my Cubase Artist 7.0.0 to version 8 by the grace period?

Any help will be appreciated.

The installers that require the core download from the Steinberg servers are not compatible with the Yosemite Application Installer tool. It will install the other components but not the Application itself, since its missing. In case the issue is still pending, please contact me via PM to assist you with further instructions.

I have this exact problem. What can I do to solve this?