Can’t install Dorico trial (now can’t start)

No, that’s not accurate. Everything in Dorico is rendered using primitives such as lines, rectangles and curves, and font glyphs. However, it is the case that a few of the custom buttons that we are drawing in the panels are not yet fully high-DPI enabled, and this is true on both Windows and Mac.

If Dorico won’t start on your computer, I would recommend that you restart your computer and try running it again, or at the very least check that no VSTAudioEngine or Dorico processes are left in a zombie state before you try running it again.

My problem is on Mac (El Capitan)

No problem to install.

But when I launch Dorico trial nothing happens (I see the color wheel during à long time…

I’m happy that I didn’t buy it !

Just a quick update: the next day after activation (00:00+), Dorico has started fine, though was very slow (maybe due to running inside a virtual machine placed on HDD; I’m going to try again later. Maybe).

I suspect this might be a classic 0±1 bug in the trial-period-check logic in Dorico or in eLicenser.