Can’t log into online shop

Have been trying to purchase groove agent expansion packs which I’ve already downloaded but online shop won’t accept my password to complete the purchase! I see this problem has been prevelant going back over the years. I changed my password in My Steinberg twice but online shop says “no don’t know who you are.”
Anyone a solution for this?


The MySteinberg account is independent from the Online Steinberg Shop (which is operated by AskNet). Please, reset the password in the Shop, not in the MySteinberg account.

Ok thanks for that. :grinning:

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. If you open the Steinberg online store and put in my email and password it didn’t recognise it. When you click I forgot my password and you put in your email, the text says it’s sending you a message but no message ever arrived. I tried about half a dozen times.
I went back to the Steinberg groove agent expansion page and click purchase and after about quite a few tries the purchase finally went through. The thing is I used the same password as My Steinberg.
This purchase system needs improvement big time!

I had the same problem, I managed to reset the password by here: Steinberg Online Shop
I received a confirmation email that the password was changed successfully, but when I try to log in it says:** The email and password you entered does not match*