Can’t move layers anymore since updating to 7.0.20

Something has happened when I updated to the latest version of SpectraLayers. It’s not possible to move the layers up or down in the right column anymore. :frowning:
To me this is a crucial function.

The new version erased my preferences when I installed it. Could it be that some ”move the layers lock” has been activated in this process?

Are you talking about SL ARA or SL Standalone ? I can move layers in the standalone just fine with 7.0.20.
There’s no move lock options.

Standalone. I’ll try to reinstall.

Working again after a clean reinstall. Phew…!

Great !

Here we go again…Can no longer move layers (stand alone version). This time it doesn’t help to do a fresh reinstall. Very frustrating.
First I thought perhaps I had too many layers (10-15), so I tried a new project where I unmixed a stereo file. And it worked for a while with the resulting 5 layers. I closed the project and when I reopened it was again not possible to move layers any more.
Since I do a lot “select and shift-x” (cut to layer below) to move manually selected audio “remnants” to the correct layer after having done an unmix, this is a pain that makes this kind of manually tidying up impossible. What to do?

I’ll try to repro on my side… But never saw that issue so far :confused:

Tested as ARA within Cubase, it worked as it should.
Then tried in the standalone app and there it worked as expected again!
Frustrating, but I’m happy that it works again. Would like to know how to avoid it again, though.