Can´t override HDPI windows scaling

I used to use windows at 125% scaling and C10 at 100% (overriding the scaling basically)

Cubase 11 doesn´t let me do that anymore, it opens at 125% and a bit blurry.

Can´t use my 4k screen like this. 3 years and you can´t get hdpi right, and I keep paying for the thing you keep promising, I feel like I am in a bad relationship.

Added some pictures, notice how the upper menu is the same in 10 and 11, but the windows use different scaling (all the settings are the same)


Isn’t it related to this thread, please?

Yes, but I open this one in issues to see if steinberg sees it.

Pablo1980, the same here!!

@Steinberg, pls let us override coupling to windows scaling somehow. On a 1440p screen, which is pretty standard, one needs possibility to scale windows itself at 125% and Cubase at 100%