Can‘t play Chords on iPad


I cannot make chords play on iPad. I try to turn chords on and off. Nothing happens. I also cannot „grab“ the Chord track to assign it to an instrument. Neither on my Scores nor on a Dorico template.

What am i doing wrong?

Best Regards

You’re not doing anything wrong: at the present time this isn’t supported in Dorico for iPad. It’s a bit complicated because we need to add an extra channel automatically and allow you to choose what sound should be used. It’s something we plan to add soon.

This is odd because there is a Speaker on/off button in the Chords track on Dorico iPad > Play section. Has this been updated so chord playback is possible? If so, I can’t make it work.

No, I’m afraid this is still not functional at the moment. It remains on our backlog and we do hope to be able to devote the necessary time to it soon.

It looks like chord symbol playback has not been enabled yet in Dorico for iPad? I’m new to Dorico and may be missing something. Just came across this thread. Thanks!

That’s correct. No chords playback yet on iPad.