Can´t play video: error "update your graphics card"


A friend can´t play video on Cubase 10. He can both import the video and extract the audio, but he can´t play the video. The Video Player window doesn´t even come up when pressing F8.

When he goes to Studio Setup → Video Player, a red message shows in the menu, saying:

“please update your graphics card driver or switch to a more effective graphics card”

We´ve tried updating the drivers of his video device, to no avail.

What can he do to be able to properly play a video in Cubase?

Here are his systems specs
OS: Windows 1064bit
Video device: Intel ® HD Graphics 3000
Cubase 10 version: the most recent one, which is 10.0.10

We think this is related to Cubase 10’s video engine because Cubase 9.5 DOES play video with no problems.


You probably should, at the very least, report what graphics device your friend has. Also report what version of CB 10 and what computer OS. There are some known issues related to the MB integrated Intel graphics. Also, does you friends system meet the minimum system requirements for Cubase 10?

System requirements are listed near the bottom of this link.

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