Can 't re-activate midi track after render in place

Hi, can anyone help me with this. I can’t ‘unmute’ or re-activate midi tracks after having rendered them into audio. The mute/solo buttons have no effect anymore on these tracks and when using the right mouse button menu, the tracks appear to be enabled.
All the midi information is still there, but the track-events are turned white, and the midi is not sent to the Halion vst.
Copying these tracks, or the events in it, has the same effect on the copy.

Hi and welcome,

If you had the MIDI Part selected before the rendering, the track is not Muted, but the MIDI Part is Muted. Unmute the MIDI Part, please.

Maybe a screenshot from your side would make it totally clear, what exactly has been muted.

Have unmuted Midi tracks - still no output after render in place.


Did you Render in Place the MIDI Track or the MIDI Part? How is the Render in Place settings on your side, please?