Can’t reassign Key Comand Alt-U

on my desktop I use ALT-U for Make Unbeamed.
On my Laptop (same version and language), when I try to assign ALT-U to Make Unbeamed Dorico gives a warning that the Command is used for the Scissor Tool ScissorWithMultipleSplits
I override the warning and the key command should work but: it doesn’t
Also it does not show up in the Beaming menu. It does show up when I print the list of my short keys, still it does not work…
Also I can’t find a ScissorWithMultipleSplits command to remove it.
Any help is welcome

alt-u is a new feature in 4.2 or 4.3 to divide a note by the grid value… If you want to override it (which is not a good idea, I think) you’ll need to tweak the keycommands_en.json file in your user folder, using the DELETE word as in
{"NoteInput.ScissorWithMultipleSplits" : [ "DELETE:Alt+U" ]},
As usual, use a json validator after such operation to make sure your keycommands file is still valid.
I use alt-B for unbeam, btw.

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Thank you Marc!
I’ll use the new key command.
Strange though that on my desktop computer the key command is still working… (newest version of Dorico) I might have hacked the file and have forgotten it…