Can’t Rename Mixconsole Snapshot

The manual says you can do this by double-clicking on the snapshot name. This does not work on my system.

Is this feature broken?

Cubase 10.0.15, Windows 10 Pro.

It works to me here.

I am running Cubase on a Microsoft Surface Pro i5 tablet. I use the Surface Stylus instead of a mouse. Everything else in Cubase seems to work with this setup except for double-clicking the snapshot name.

Have you tried a long press instead?

I have tried a long press. It doesn’t do anything.


I see, double-click on the Windows touch-screens are a bit special…

Dou you really have a problem with the Rename Snapshot? Can you for example double-click to open an Editor (Key Editor, Sample Editor)? Can you double-click to rename a track?

I can double-click with the stylus to rename a track. Do you need for me to try other things?