Can´t run Cubase elements trial


I bought a UR22mxII and installed Cubase 8 AI. When i ran the software for the first time I saw I could run Cubase elements trial for 30 days. Unfortunately I did not take that option and I haven´t got the option back. I unintalled everything and installed it again but I did not get the option. Is there a way of running the trial now?
Anay help will be appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

If I remember, there is a preferences to this message. Probably in the General chapter.

Thank you for your answer.

I found the preference you said but it´s not working. When I check it and save the preferences it still run AI versión when restarting Cubase. One thing I noticed is that it´s not saving the changes because the checkbox is not checked.
I also checked my eLicenser it says the Elements versión trial license is good til Feb 8.
Any ideas?


If youremove the Cubase preferences, the message should appears again.