Can’t see 24bit wav files in file browser

In the right pane, filebrowser does not show the 24-bit wav loop file, but it does show the 16-bit.
Can someone give me a solution?


Hi and welcome,

Do you have a filter stup this way by any chance?

Hi, Martin,
I have confirmed no filtering words.
Can you see 24-bit files in your Cubase file browser actually?

try to open the media pool and rescan your disks i had this with some folders not showing content but showing others, rescan sorted it

I had a similar happening first few times when I installed 11. MEdiabay was somewhat stuck and still searching for all the locations. Open it and check if any of your chosen folders checkmarks are still orange(sign that mediabay hasnt completely scanned them)

Folders displayed in white even in the media bay, but once it was canceled and re-registered, it is now displayed 24bit wavs.
Thanks krevvy and Janko!